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Custom One-of-a-kind iPhone Cases to Promote Your Brand Innovatively

We are YoCase+, custom branded iPhone case manufacturer. Our Custom iPhone Cases come with your LOGO or design of your choice. Custom iPhone Cases are a great way to promote your company, brand, event or trade shows as a unique way to show off your brand and design.  This provides an opportunity for businesses to market their brand in a new and innovative way to give your customers and clients a useful and unique product that will promote your brand for years to come. Contact YoCase+ today to get started on creating a custom case for your business or organization!

Get Your iPhone 15 Case on the Way

2023 Apple fall lunch will come again in September. The enormous demand for iPhone 15 cases will be born together. It is time to create and custom your new iPhone 15 cases to grasp this new and big chance.
A branded phone case project takes months to customize and mass produces. The earlier you confirm, the more time and shipping cost you will save. IT IS THE BEST TIME FOR YOU NOW!

Full-around iPhone Case Customization

Open Your Mind and Leave the rest to YoCase+

YoCase+ offer a wide variety of Custom iPhone Cases to choose from. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

No matter what kind of iPhone case you like, simple, commercial, portable, luxury, eco-friendly, functional,  or waterproof, we all bring it to life for your brand.

Build Differentiated Competitiveness of Your Brand

Carve the DNA of Your Brand into Custom iPhone Case

Do it at the very beginning, it’s all about long term. YoCase+ provides flexible ways of branding customization. Custom iPhone cases can be designed with your logo, colors, and other branding elements to create a truly unique product.


LOGO Printing

Logo printing is the fastest and easiest way to place your logo on an iPhone case. Just make brand logos part of your design and leave the rest to YoCase+. It's prevalent among startup projects to quickly test business ideas while the initial impression of your brand is built for long-term brand assets.

LOGO Moulding

If you want your logo to have its soul but too much cost to get a private mould, LOGO molding is a big money-saving. It brings double impressions on vision and touch while taking your brand to upper grades. People will automatically recognize it without thinking because visuals come first, the sense of touch next.

Wanna tailor customization for your brand, including logo, design, molds, and other details to carve the complete DNA of your brand into iPhone cases?
Check our private mold options here.

Multiple Technology For All Design

Your logo and unique design will be printed on the back of the iPhone cases, ensuring that your customers will see your brand every time they use their iPhone. Multiple manufacturing technologies for all kinds of designs are ready for your creation – IMD, UV printing, water transfer, holographic and other required technologies to realize your perfect design.

Different Layout Styles to Cover Different Needs

High Protective iPhone Case​

Protect Like a Seatbelt on iPhone

iPhones are famous for their sleek design, but they’re not immune to accidents. To bring ultimate user experience, every mold on every detail and size must be adjusted in micros to fit iPhone perfectly. This makes no way for the phone to fall out of the iPhone case in any case like a safety belt. The moment when the iPhone case is put on your iPhone tells everything we worked hard for years and years.

360º Shockproof against Broke Screen

During thousands of dropping tests, the temperature, time, calorific value, and other parameters all already have Yocase+ standards on every process. It makes the cases able to absorb and dissolve the impact force in the case of falling or collision in daily use—no more worries about broken screens or function failure.

Anti-wear Keeps iPhone Away from Aging

360º raised-up lips against screen and camera for maximum coverage prevents scratches in daily life, making iPhones look brand-new even after long-time use.

Lightweight iPhone Case​

Light and Handy, No heavy-holding Any More

Supper Protective always comes with super heavy, which became a big headache for those who prefer lightness with no burden. That’s the market for lightweight iPhone cases. Reducing the heavy load, there is more room to enhance the brand texture in terms of materials, designs, etc. This will be a way to reach completely different users.

Balance Between Protective and Lightness​

Light is always pursued by human beings, while protection can not be ignored at all. It’s the age at which no one can live without a cell phone. Brand’s image will dig deep into customers’ hearts if protection and portability are well merged.

Cooler iPhone without worry in Hot Summer

Everyone loves a cool
summer, but doesn’t want iPhone to overheat and ruin the fun. With excellent heat dissipation, lightweight iPhone cases have the advantage of keeping iPhone cool all day long. 

But it's never a left-or-right choice, you can want it all to target your niche with our

Multiple Mould Customization Options for iPhone Cases

Every detail you see on YoCase+ iPhone cases has been precisely polished hundreds of times. Performance is fully tested on real iPhones to ensure all work goes well before you see it. No more stuck with any quality issues.

Soft TPU Bumper
A bumper can help protect iPhones from damage when drop, with this soft sleeve that absorbs impact force on contact, so even if an unfortunate event occurs there'll be no need for concern!
Nose Camera Guard
At least 3-4mm raised back cover keeps iPhone camera safe from scratches and other damage.
Responsive Buttons
18 to 70-year-old men and women are invited to test our buttons to upgrade the responsive design with a comfortable, natural feeling when pressed, just like an actual iPhone button.
Raised up Lip on Screen Edges
Raised up Lip on Screen Edges features raised edges that sit higher than the filmed screen, providing full-around protection against scratches and damage, making raised up lip an essential factor to value the protection of a quality iPhone case.
Anti-Slip Texture
Adding an anti-slip texture to your custom iPhone case not only enhances the grip feeling and slip resistance, but also protects iPhone from drops and falls. Made of soft TPU surface or hard PC strips, our anti-slip texture provides optimal protection for your device without compromising on style.
Sizable Cut-outs
Raised up Lip on Screen Edges features raised edges that sit higher than the filmed screen, providing full-around protection against scratches and damage, making raised up lip an essential factor to value the protection of a quality iPhone case.
Anti-collision Frame
iPhone collision is avoided by using strips on the inner frame of a iPhone Case which diffuse energy instead of hitting straight into an iPhone, which could cause damage and even result in broken glass.
Anti-collision Back
Designed with a heat spreader will efficiently dissipate the smartphone's wasted energy. This prevents mobile phone stucks and crashes when used excessively for long periods of time in video or games, etc., making it safe to use even at night without worrying about damaging your gadget!
The inner back of iPhone case lined with flannelette provides a soft touch and makes it high class. It's also a way to express a brand with a luxurious look and feel.
Wireless Charging Available
Raised up lip on screen edges features raised edges that sit higher than the filmed screen, providing full-around protection against scratches and damage, making raised up lip an essential factor to value the protection of a quality iPhone case.

All printing colors are precisely matched to your brand guidelines based on Pantone Color Matching. We’ll produce your custom iPhone cases to your exact color specification and send 3pcs samples of 90-95% similar for you to confirm. Better one is more important than the best one.

Texture feel is the most invisible but crucial key for brand expression. At least 5-6 samples with different hardness will be sent for your evaluation. Hardness can also be adjusted based on sample reference until the ultimate touch feeling your brand followers like is found.
Accurate temperature and time control

We have a secret recipe on molds and production to ensure the phone cases are really you want and like. Every process and different materials and colors needs different temperature and time to show its beauty of regeneration. Our masters always know how to set on molds and machines by their dexterous hands and sharp eyes.

Customized Packaing Experience

Packing is the first to take a deep root in people’s hearts. YoCase+ offers whole packaging designs according to opening actions, to create a brand interactive experience with customers when unpacking.

Our Certificates & Standards

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