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YoCase+ is a custom branded phone case manufacturer that prides itself on quality and client satisfaction. Located in Shenzhen China, we’ve been in the business for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supply service. Our cases are made to the highest standards and our clients love us for it as well as our reliable supply. Specialized in brand customization, YoCase+ has become a professional supporter to brands in different periods with efficient manufacturing, skilled worker, strict inspection, trouble-free stream supply, and last but least, growth-boosting solutions for your brand.

Branded Custom Manufacturing

From the moment people open the phone case box with great anticipation, the case has become an expression of a brand. All aspects of quality determine the consumer’s evaluation of the brand. To make the ultimate experience, what suppliers do in manufacturing is fundamental and crucial undoubtedly.

Over ten years of manufacturing experience and extremely mature managerial expertise ensure we are like a fish running freely in the water in the whole process. So do our molds, our machines, our products, our delivery, and our employees…Plus our standardized operating procedure for every detail. All of our skilled workers treated products in their procedure like an artwork of their own, which is the reason that we can promise confidently perfect products and delivery comes to you in the end.

Efficient Customization

6 Checkpoints for Strict QC

Our Story = YoCase + YOU

Yocase+ appears because of each and every one of you. We used to be that kind of factory always working hard to produce and sell phone cases, until we realized the brand clients we care about most want more than just a manufacturer. In an era when mobile devices have become extensions of our professional and personal lives, brand clients prefer those suppliers who look up the whole supply service as a supportive hand and consider everything, including the end-user experience. That is the moment we take a different path to become the one who always had thoughts of being our client’s best hand on their big map.

The idea of YoCase+ brand was born on a thanks-giving day. We received a big thanks from one of our clients, whom we successfully helped with his business growing from start-up to $25 million in revenue a year. We were so surprised when he said:

I am so lucky to have you as a large part of my business. Without you we are nothing. I can trust you with anything and that is hard to come by. Thank you for everything you do for us. I am super thankful for you.

Hearing this, we were deeply touched, while we also know clearly that we are made of all the trust and support of our clients all these years. We are really thankful for all the growing-up you gave us. Behind every phone case, there are real business cases that you have to devote all your efforts to. We are just there to add something supportive like a “plus” to your case. This is why we have to move upstairs other than just being a case manufacturing.

There is no YoCase+, without YOU.

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YoCase+ does more as your business partner, more than just a manufacturer,


We will be there to accompany you through every moment, no matter it's a start-up, evolution, bottleneck, outbreak, or adjustment…Our way is to offer multiple solutions according to your actual situation at a different time.


We care about your demands and firmly grasp users’ demands. We support you from your innovation to becoming an actual product in your warehouse. And every application scenario won’t be ignored to ensure complete and lively products bring to your target customer’s life.


We will witness you from small to big, from big to bigger, from bigger to biggest, and from biggest to better.

Our Top Professional Team

Every solution and the product you see is based on:


Creative Director


Sales Director


Supply Chain Manager

years brand’s operation director​
years big clients’ top sales
years marketing operation director
years of product R&D manager
years as manufacturing director​
years of a production line workers

Last and Most Important is YOU

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