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Startup Confusion

Got a big vision of a new project but have no idea where to start?

Lean Startup Support

Besides fast-delivered free samples and low MOQ request, you will also enjoy guidance with fundamental key points and judged data to quickly test the market for startup business.

Market Plight

Stuck or even declining sales, but find no reason what's going wrong?

Fresh Air to Your Brand

It's dangerous to lie on old designs that not advancing with time to expect booming sales. Absolutely no one can refuse a trendy case-fashion show. We will build the bridge between your brand and market trends.

Growing Pains

Sales are pretty good but hard to avoid inventory more and more due to unpredictable market. Then cash flow pressure comes to you?

Flexible Sales Strategy

Flexible production plans and advanced material stock to save more than 70% delivery time, which help your flexible sales possible to cater to your market. Definitely this is just first step between us.

Mature Trap

Bogged by all kinds of trifles in disputing with suppliers? Hardly have time to really focus on the most important things for future?

Trouble-free Supply

The supportive solution for you with consideration of how your buyers and customers experience. Disputing over trifles never happens in Yocase+.

What headache you are suffering?

No matter which stage you are at, there must be headaches in the business you're suffering from. This is also a reason why you're looking for solutions and guides to the next stage in a better way.
YoCase+ has been there with clients at all stages, and will definitely be there for you.

Brand Customized phone Cases Manufacturer

Yocase+ is with 10 years of manufacturing experience. High quality and stable production time are promised by precise mold adjustment and temperature control of every different material. And one machine for sample production line only to meet quick samples, makes brand clients always free to find the best customization they prefer.

  • MOQ: 50 pcs per design
  • Sampling Time: 3-5  days
  • Mass Production Time: 10-30 Days

Factory Tour

Go around our factory by following the manufacturing process of phone cases in IMD Technology

Manufacturing Progress

Every manufacturing process sets precisely standardized operation procedures, technical parameter requirements and common ruling out defective merchandise solutions.

And key QC control in printing, thermoforming and injection moulding process besides whole process QC check. Average working experience of workers are all over 3 years.

Injection Moulding Design/Label (IMD/IML) Manufacturing Technology


Public Moulds


Private Moulds

IMD Technology makes unique and breathtaking designs possible in real by multiple technologies available, such as laser, electroplated, etc. Meanwhile, it also highlights the sense of quality for a brand: dirt-proof, abrasion-proof,  colorfast, etc…

Optional Materials:

  • Soft TPU
  • Hard PC
  • TPU+PC
Phone Case Mould

Standards & Certificates


Choose artworks in YoCase+ portofio or custom in your own design with your brand identity


Customization is available for full series mobile models of iPhone, Samsung, Google, etc.

Customization in Freestyle

From materials, mould design, to packaging, you can have all the possibilities with YoCase+.  Get your unique designed phone cases with LOGO printed on or carved on your custom model of different devices.


LOGOs can be printed directly, or curved on cases by LOGO moulds as a more textured way.


Only private mould has a choice to cater to customers’ demands in function and structure and continuously adjust till to perfectly match them.

We like no troubles, especially with you

Reliable Trouble-free Supply Service

iPhone Cases Samsung Cases Google Cases Phone Cases iPad Cases Airpods Cases Mac Cases Watch Bands Phone Accessories

Growth-Boosting Products Chain Solution Provider

Have you ever thought there is another way to let your brand permeate everywhere in daily life but not that’s costly? This is the biggest secret that how phone case business will bring growth to a lot of brands in a more efficient way. As a solution provider to help you well to discover this secret, YoCase+ will fullly support to your brand to establish the whole product chain for your brand.


Streamline Supply You Can Rely On

We create unique barrier-free environments for brand-driven organizations by designing, manufacturing and customizing innovative technology products to increase our customers’ brand equity, ensuring they stand out in competitive marketplaces. If any problems we are responsible, we arrange unconditional rework and shipment in the first place and ZERO extra cost from you
If any problems we are responsible, we arrange unconditional rework and shipment in the first place.

ZERO Extra Cost from you

How do we work together as a delightful start?​


Understanding and evaluating your ideas and needs is at the core what we do. Our engineer and design team will help you understand what is needed to get your idea made in to reality, while providing guidance in the process.


Combining engineering and manufacturing is what we’ve spent years perfecting to deliver amazing results in the fastest possible time-frames.


Our goal is to make sure you understand every element of your product and how it will be made. Full working neutral samples are provided to make sure everything is correct before mass production.

Mass Production

Mass production can commence once approval is received for products and packing(when applicable). Various testing and certification are provided as needed or requested. apply for certifications with appropriate agencies once the first units start coming off the production line.​

Real Case Tells Everything

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